About us

East Coast Recovery Services is a licensed drug and alcohol outpatient treatment provider. Additionally, ECRS continues to offer the comprehensive intervention services and recovery enhancement program that the company was built upon.

We maintain a constant presence during the critical first year of recovery and guide clients through difficult times with real-time help.

East Coast Recovery Services' (ECRS) approach has proven extremely effective in assisting clients in moving beyond the denial that often stands in the way of them ever progressing in recovery. Our methods help clients face the painful truths of their addiction while keeping their dignity intact. Addicted individuals and family members reach the highest level of honesty and self-realization without being shamed into more self-deprecating and self-destructive behaviors.

Our availability helps ensure our clients, families & friends, have the professional help they need when they need it.

We Continue When Others Concede

Our services are focused on the ever changing needs of our clients and are designed to succeed where traditional thinking has failed. Personal attention and individualized recovery programs ensure that each client receives the help they need when they need it.

ECRS was founded by Brian Halstead, CADC, CIP, in an effort to bring new and innovative services to people affected by the disease of addiction.

Our Philosophy

Chemical dependency is a primary disease process  inclusive of all mood altering chemicals and as with any disease process, affects individuals with different levels of severity. For some the severity of their addiction will have a high cost for the addicted individual, their family and their friends. The ultimate cost is someone's life!

Co-Occurring disorders or extremely poor coping skills  may have a negative impact on the addicted individual's ability to sustain the changes necessary for on-going recovery. These individuals need more help not more rejection!

Someone does not have hit "bottom to get help.  If someone is in denial about their problem they are not capable of making a rational decision, they need help. Most of the recipients of our intervention techniques are grateful for the intervention and continue to work with us or others to maintain their recovery.

We can intervene on people before they are ready to ask for help.  We can intervene on the relapse process. Chemically dependent individuals may relapse and it does not doom them to "having to hit bottom", they can get help quickly. Preventing and intervening on relapse is not accomplished by individual effort!.

Any family member, and the addicted individual, will do better  with long term recovery if they are willing to gain insight into their own behaviors and how the family works as a system. The addicted individual is not the only person negatively impacted by addiction!

Helping an addict recover from addiction requires  long term support for the addicted individual and those close to the addicted individual. Relapse can be intervened upon with the proper support and open communication. The more support an addicted individual utilizes in their recovery efforts the greater their chances for long term recovery.

The only guarantee with addiction  is that left untreated or mistreated, problems will increase leading to painful demoralizing consequences such as jail, institutions, or death. We can all make a difference by addressing this serious problem by fully supporting early intervention and prevention techniques that are proven to help those afflicted with this life threatening disease!

We can reduce the relapse rates by accepting the importance of on-going support and accountability.  Anyone {including family and friends } who utilizes a program for support in sustaining changes has a far greater chance of successfully maintaining changes in their life and within the family. The use of a professional Recovery Coach is just one more tool to increase the chances of a positive outcome!


From Sally D.
I just wanted to thank you for what you have done for my husband and me. Because of your wonderful gift in helping people understand this disease, both of us are on the road of recovery.

From Kathy & Mike D
You brought my family together and helped them see how to really help Eric. I didn't think we had a chance to get him out of the crack house yet alone into treatment. You told us to stay the course and be patient. You had us ready to mobilize for the crisis that you said would come. When the crisis came you were there, guiding us through every step. Even when he was in treatment you knew exactly how to get him to the next step. My son is no longer living in a crack house and wanted by the local police, but is living in a recovery house and has resolved his legal issues.

From Suzanne S.
As a co-dependent I heard the phrase "there is nothing you can do" a million times. You were the first person to explain that I had plenty of options and that there was plenty I could do if I were willing. You told me the outcome was out of my hands. I am forever grateful that you also showed me that I had to look at myself first. Once I got myself on the road to recovery my husband had to follow. Thank you for the patience you had with us. You were always straightforward but gentle and we needed someone to tell us the truth. Thanks again.

From John K.
Having relapsed so often it was refreshing to work with someone as gifted as you. As my Recovery Coach you were able to monitor my behaviors and keep my support group connected. At times I hated the accountability your program creates but I am still sober so it worked for me. I understand now that it is important to be accountable because of my disease and not some moral defect. It has also taught me how to communicate with others more effectively. I also enjoy the fact that I can come back for coaching whenever I need it.

From Carl K.
I can never thank you enough. I know that you went above and beyond to help my family especially my wife. I really didn't believe we would be able to get her to go to treatment. One Sunday morning while she was slightly sober we got her to go to detox. So when they sent her home because of insurance I was sure that was it. I called you and you said, "It just means we have to intervene again". I said, "When"? You replied, "right now". Sure enough we got together and once again against all odds got her into treatment. I know the power is in the group but without your guidance we could never have pulled it off. Our family now has the chance to begin healing.

From Tom D.
When we first talked about Recovery Enhancement Program I thought, "What do I need this for?" I just need some help with my relapse issues and to stop getting so angry. I now know the difference coaching can make in one's recovery as well as in their life. What I appreciate most is that even though I've completed the goals we established, I can utilize you whenever I need a little extra help. You truly helped me understand that letting go of the past and achieving my goals today is how to build self-esteem. I haven't fixed it all but I have the tools to cope with my relapse issues.

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