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There is an area in my life that I wish to change.
I know how to use a program of recovery and want all the support I can get.
I am active in more than one type of 12-step program.
I want to know more about spirituality but am afraid/resistant of/to religion.
I struggle with maintaining balance in my life and my recovery efforts.
I have a sponsor and am doing everything I can but still feel I need more help.
I have done therapy but still need feedback in my day-to-day living.
I don't understand how to practice recovery principles at work.
Even though I am in recovery, I still have health issues.
I have difficulty prioritizing my life and recognizing where I need feedback.
I keep trying to do the right thing for everybody else yet I feel unfulfilled.
I don't need someone to tell me how to live my life but could use feedback on my goals and action steps.
I have started a program of recovery that does not include 12-step support.
I have short-term goals I want to achieve.
I have long-term goals I want to achieve.
I have career goals I want to achieve.
I am committed to change.

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